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About Us

Global Reach, Local Service

META GROUP has built a leading position in global Trading, Procurement, and Goods trading as well as logistics supply solutions since it started its business as a trader in 2007.
Now over the years, we have grown into a global company with local reach across the world. But we have maintained our principles – to add value to our customers and provide service in all aspects of our business.
We offer a unique combination of global reach, fast and effective communication, technical skills, market knowledge, and an absolute commitment to customer and supplier partnerships.
META GROUP is an international supply chain and trading company through its various network channels and agents that have successfully been supplying and delivering various materials and commodities around the world.
META’s objective and commitment are to support its customers’ procurement programs and ensure the supply and delivery of materials on time.


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Our core strength

Comes from our ability to work quickly and effectively in changing markets, toensure that we provide fast, on-time solutions to the urgent needs of our clients aswell as building lasting relationships based on trust and understanding with ourprestigious customers.

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Our business model

As a global trader and marketer of commodities, we are uniquely diversified by geography, products, and activities. Integrating our marketing and industrial business sets us apart from our competitors to create a unique culture and helps us generate value.

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Our Mission

Our mission and objective are to deliver professional and expeditious service to customers and achieve competitive advantages through differentiation, implementation, maximum value, and commit to sustainable development with customers.


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Our Values

META GROUP will be recognized as a leading company in international Trading and logistics in the region. We have reinforced key capabilities of every field of business and created value for customers through continuous research and development. Also, through the education of a professional workforce based on optimal manufacturing infrastructure and a well-structured supply system, META is fulfilling customers’ demands.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to remain a dedicated international procurement companythat satisfies its customers under the most stringent terms, conditions, andschedules.


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