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As meta logistics, we are serving our valued customers without sacrificing quality since 2007 with the responsibility of providing quality service by keeping customer satisfaction on everything.
Having regard to the quality, expert team, and adequate equipment and coordination, we continue to provide services with the first day’s excitement to our services with our high quality, technologically integrated equipment with our colleagues we have trained since our establishment.
Among the services we provide are road transport, air transport, rail transport, project transport, domestic distribution services, customs services, storage, and value-added services.
We are an independent company specializing in all aspects of commercial supply chains. We strive to provide high-quality, practical strategic complete logistic solutions across all industry sectors.
Our experienced team comprises a full-time specialist, supported by a dedicated network with general sales agents along with excellent systems and personnel.
Supply chain management has become the primary competitive weapon in many industries. At the same time, there is growing recognition that supply chain management is dependent upon execution excellence to achieve the promise of planning applications, strip out millions of dollars of costs through superior operations, and achieve revenue growth through personalized logistics systems that deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.
The company aims to be the preferred supplier of logistic solution company to our clients, bringing real added value to their supply chain management and logistics planning. Our ability to deliver tangible results for clients is reflected in our client portfolio, high retention rates, and consistent growth.

About Meta Logistic


About Us

Our Values

Our commitment to exceptional service commences with a thorough grasp of your unique requirements. We embark on a journey of comprehension, meticulously scrutinizing the intricacies of your request. This profound understanding serves as the cornerstone for crafting a service that seamlessly aligns with your company’s distinctive needs. As we delve into the specifics, we aspire to become architects of satisfaction, constructing a bridge between your vision and our expertise. Your trust is our foundation, and through this shared understanding, we build a collaborative partnership dedicated to delivering precisely what you seek, ensuring your success and contentment in every endeavor.
About Us

Ethics & Compliance

Our Ethics And Compliance Programme Encompass Risk Assessments, Policies And Procedures, Training And Awareness, Monitoring, Speaking Openly, And Investigations. We Work With Experts To Ensure Our Programme Aligns With International Best Practices, Taking Guidance From Relevant Authorities. All Employees, Directors, And Officers (As Well As Contractors, Where Applicable) Must Comply With Our Relevant Policies And Procedures, And The Law. Running This Global Programme Effectively Would Not Be Possible Without Skilled Compliance Professionals.
About Us

Network Optimization

Your Supply Chain Is Constantly Evolving. That’s Why You Need A Supply Chain Solutions Partner That Can Drive Efficiencies, Improve Service And Get Products To Market Faster. We Start By Analyzing Your Existing Supply Chain Strategy, Transportation And Distribution Networks, Sourcing And Manufacturing Locations, And Delivery Destinations. We Then Provide Optimal Cost-Based Routing And Mode Selection Recommendations To Develop A Supply Chain Network In Support Of Your Business Goals. We Apply Our Modeling Tools To Determine The Optimal Number And Location Of Distribution Centers, Cross-Docks, And Other Logistics Facilities. We Consider Regional Differences In Labor, Transportation Cost, Land, Taxes, Utilities, And Economic Incentives, To Design The Supply Chain That Meets Your Needs.
About Us


Meta Group Is A Quality-Driven Company That Provides Tailored Logistics Solutions To Its Clients Through Experience, Innovation, And Collaboration. These Core Values Ensure That We Continuously Aim For Higher Performance Standards.
About Us


Integrity Is One Of Our Values Meaning That Across The Business, We Dare To Do What’s Right, Even When It’s Hard. We Are Committed To Operating Transparently And Ethically.

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