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Meta Group's Chartering Department excels in international shipping, earning global recognition for their unwavering commitment to consistency and professionalism.

Meta Group has a Chartering Department dealing with a variety of principals (Charterers, Owners, Operators), who have throughout the years strengthened our standing in the international shipping markets and have contributed into enhancing Meta Group to a high level of acknowledgement from a multitude of clients around the world.


Meta group is committed in providing a longstanding first class service to its clients and today, more than ever, in the mid of constant changes in the shipping industry, the company is fortifying its efforts in order to preserve and enhance its image of consistency and professionalism.


Meta Group’s Chartering Department stands as a pillar of excellence in the international shipping sector. Over the years, they have collaborated with a diverse array of principals, including Charterers, Owners, and Operators. This extensive network of partnerships has not only bolstered their reputation but has also garnered them profound recognition from clients worldwide.


Meta Group’s commitment to delivering top-tier service is unwavering. In the ever-evolving landscape of the shipping industry, they continuously adapt and reinforce their endeavors to maintain and elevate their reputation for consistency and professionalism. This dedication ensures their clients receive nothing short of exceptional service.


In a world where global trade relies heavily on efficient and reliable shipping, Meta Group’s Chartering Department plays a pivotal role. They understand the intricacies of international shipping, making them a trusted partner for businesses around the world.


Whether it’s navigating the complexities of chartering, ownership, or operations, Meta Group excels. Their ability to adapt and thrive in the face of industry changes sets them apart, making them a preferred choice for those seeking a dependable and professional partner in the maritime world.

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