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Meta Group excels in end-to-end global commodity marketing, sourcing, transporting, processing, and delivering with unwavering commitment to quality.

Setting the Gold Standard in Global Commodity Marketing.


We are one of the world’s leading marketers of physical commodities.We physically source commodities and products from our global supplier base – and deliver them to customers all over the world.

This means transporting commodities by sea, air, and truck, storing them, processing them, and delivering them to the time, quality, and specification that our customers need.
Through these marketing activities, we set ourselves apart from companies.


In the intricate world of global commodity marketing, few companies can match the caliber of Meta Group. We proudly stand as one of the world’s foremost marketers of physical commodities, setting the gold standard in this dynamic industry.


What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach. Meta Group physically sources commodities and products from our extensive global supplier base. But we don’t stop there. We take responsibility for the entire journey, from sourcing to delivery, ensuring that the commodities reach our customers around the world.


Our commitment to quality and efficiency is unwavering. This means transporting commodities by sea, air, and truck, storing them, processing them when necessary, and delivering them precisely to our customers’ requirements, be it in terms of time, quality, or specifications.


It’s this end-to-end approach that distinguishes us from the competition. We don’t just source and deliver; we take ownership of the entire process, guaranteeing that our customers receive their commodities in the best possible condition, exactly when and how they need them.


Choose Meta Group as your partner in global commodity marketing and experience the excellence that sets us apart.

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